you’ll never touch these things that i hold

like a real boy?

thank you for the happy memories, Mr. Williams

rest easy, Jay

Jay Adams RIP

Davis Megamixxx

“Well..skateboarding is changing. I mean I’m not the first one to say that, I think everyone kind of knows it but, you know. I’m a younger guy, but even since I started skateboarding it has changed a lot. When I started it was a way to get away from team sports, yadda yadda. And now I see it and I think the kids see it and it’s more relatable. Like basketball or baseball. Like, yeah yeah, I’m gonna be a professional skateboarder! They get into it and they have some different idea of what it is. Like when we did it, it was fun, we taught ourselves, now I just see it as a mainstream sport.

So for me, as a professional skateboarder, you have to change too. You actually feel like an athlete at times. You can’t be the bitter guy and just talk about how it used to be. You kinda have to swallow your pride, accept it, and at the same time kinda go along with it. Especially as a professional skateboarder, you only do it for so long. That means, if you’re gonna do this contest, then fuck it, do it.”

Excerpt from a great interview with Davis at Jenkem.

this is serious, so give me a quarter