we’re not against rap..

I have to admit, growing up in the 90’s everything was so much more raw… especially music & skating wise. Please don’t get it twisted though, I’m not one of those dudes who shit’s on everything that’s going on in the world today, sitting around reveling “back I was a kid” or anything like that. I will say this though – if you were into something back then you had a lot more determination & drive to seek out what you’re into, since the internet was primitive at best back then. Alot of what you experienced was at a more regional level, your scope was narrowed to only a few sources to get information about what else is going on in the scene that interested you. I feel as if I’m going on a bit of a tangent here, after all – the vast majority of you reading this already get it & know where I’m coming from. This post is about how much i’m feeling the fuck outta Bone Thugs right about now.

Of course I was familiar with BONE (for short), I’m a product of 90’s hip hop, but I’ll be honest – I didn’t pay much attention to these thugs from Cleveland, Ohio (of course everyone has heard their song Crossroads, that shit doesn’t count though). It’s hard to overlook them when you think of all the wild ass shit that was coming out back then. My world was consumed with Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Big L & all that east coast stuff that was coming out, & Mtv at that time was basically playing all that P-Funk west coast Compton-ass G shiiiiit. Bone thugs just didn’t really fit into the equation for me at that stage in my life.

Fast-forward 15 or so years & I meet a fellow by the name of Ryan Ward. He grew up in Kansas City & let you know that within the first 2 minutes of meeting him. Somehow we got talking about music & he professed his deep admiration for BONE (no homo). He told me that he’s seen them preform live a bunch & even attended an ICP concert just to see Bone Thugs open for them. When he said all this I tried to hold back from laughing in his face, wondering who listens to bone thugs & is THAT into them (assuming is some weird mid-west thing). He insisted I get familiar with their catalog of work & get back to him about it. Ryan’s a nice guy, so I agreed. He GAVE me his personal copy of “E. 1999 Eternal” which I still have to this day (I’ll get it back to you Ryan, I promise). Ever since then I’ve been into them. I’d listen to them here & there, but I picked up “Creepin on ah Come Up” & it hasn’t left my car cd player since! It’s so fucking gully, I listen to it to & from work everyday. “E. 1999 Eternal” also has some sweet ass tracks on it too – on some roll down the windows on a nice day & just roll the fuck out type shit.

So everyone who hasn’t given Bone Thugs a real listen – I suggest you do, & for those in the know who’ve been into BONE, I salute you.

Now bump this shiiiiiiiiiiit

After School Special.

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my 4 Loko story.

okay so yesterday (Sunday) I had to run a few errands, banged that out real quick
it was a nice day, I wanted to be outside & get my fade on – ya dig? No one was around, so I decided to grab a 4 loko & post up at this pizza joint with some nice outdoor seating. I called my mom, wished her a happy birthday & chatted with a few cats.. chugged the 4 loko wayyyy too fast then stumbled over to this park overlooking the city.

Once I got there I crashed out under a tree for about 30 mins.. then my world came crashing down at that point. I looked around me.. a family was having a picnic, some lady was jogging, & a dude was walking his dog.. I’m just wondering what they’re thinking seeing me all ass’ed out alone with a half smoked cigarette that went out. Oh yeah.. I bought a pack of smokes while in route to the park (I don’t smoke). They ended up falling out of my pocket.. I had no idea they were missing until I was under the tree.. so I had to retrace my steps to find them.

So I manage to get myself back home, where I’m drooling all over myself & breathing all deep & shit. My mom calls me back, at this point I’m trying to go to sleep, but can’t cause I’m spinning so hard. I answer the phone & interrupt her while she’s telling me how she spent her birthday. I tell her I’m really fucked up & that I drank 4 loko, she didn’t know what that was. She said try to sleep, I was like no duh & hung up. I ate half a banana & stumbled over to the bathroom & barfed, it tasted like pizza sauce. I went back on the couch to take a nap, my mom calls back & was all “I was talking to your aunt & that 4 loko stuff is horrible for you” I said no shit, but it’s too late, I’m fucked.

I eventually fall asleep, but my roommate gets home & wakes me up (when I say roommate I mean Jason – who’s couch I’m living on). I realize I was supposed to meet up with my girl’s dad & brother on some super bowl shit, & I slept through most of the game. So I jump up & run out the door, my head was splitting man.

Fuck that day.